•   All of our jewellery is handmade with love, and things you love should always be treated with care. Jewellery wears differently for every individual due to our body's unique chemistry. We all have various levels of skin acidity and perspiration which in turn effects our pH levels. The envir... View Post
  •   From a place of love. At the heart of my little business is the commitment to create jewellery that not only is beautiful, but that comes from a place of love and integrity. As a designer I believe in transparency and honesty when it comes to learning about where your purchases come from, how ... View Post
  • Behind the Scenes: La Mer

        Let us take you behind the scenes for our latest collection, La Mer. Discover the ideas and inspiration for the concept, the attention to detail that goes into the production process as a designer, and the moments caught behind the camera for our beachside campaign photo shoot.A whole ... View Post