All of our jewellery is handmade with love, and things you love should always be treated with care.

Jewellery wears differently for every individual due to our body's unique chemistry. We all have various levels of skin acidity and perspiration which in turn effects our pH levels. The environment you live in can also effect your jewellery, such as areas with high humidity, or areas with sulphurous or salty air. These factors can result in your jewellery tarnishing or discolouring.

Follow our jewellery care guidelines to keep your jewellery looking its best.


Our number one tip to avoid tarnishing and any discolouration is to keep your jewellery dry. Remove before showering, swimming, spas, and washing hands. We also highly recommend removing your jewellery before exercising due to the sweat on your skin. This guideline is especially important for our 18k gold vermeil jewellery. Gold vermeil is a thick plating of real gold over 925 sterling silver. Therefore you want to aim to prolong the gold plating as long as possible by avoiding anything that can erode the plating. For our 925 sterling silver jewellery, it is much less likely that your pieces will tarnish and discolour.


Its worth a mention seeing as we are based in beautiful New Zealand. NEVER wear your jewellery in natural hot springs. The sulphur in the water can turn your jewellery black. Make sure to remove before going for your relaxing hot dip.


Where you store your jewellery when you’re not wearing it is just as important to how you wear it. We advise that you leave your pieces in a clean dry place such as a jewellery box, dish, or a soft tray. However for true jewellery enthusiasts, the very best place to store jewellery when not in use is an air tight container. This avoids oxidisation which is naturally caused overtime by the air. Do not store your jewellery in the bathroom where it is often wet and damp.


Jewellery with gemstones and shells should be treated with extra care. All of our gemstones and shells are 100% natural, so make sure to look after them like your favourite delicates. We advise to not these pieces when you go to your boxing or martial arts classes, for obvious reasons.


The chemicals in our everyday cosmetics and body care products can also effect your jewellery by tarnishing silver and slowly eroding gold plating. Avoid contact with perfumes, deodorants, moisturisers, sun screen, soaps, hand sanitiser, fake tans and any other body care products. Simply wait for your lotions and potions to dry and then put on your jewellery.


Like most precious things, from time to time jewellery needs a bit of TLC. If your silver jewellery is looking a bit dull, you can buff with a specialist jewellery cleaning cloth or a microfibre cloth to bring back shine. For a deeper clean we advise to use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Make sure to be gentle and avoid any delicate gemstones and shells. For your gold vermeil pieces, you can also use a jewellery or microfibre cloth. However be sure that the cloth has not been chemically treated as many contain polishing agents. NEVER use polishing ‘dips’ or jewellery cleaners on gold vermeil pieces as this will erode the plating.

We are now pleased to offer a jewellery maintenance service for our 925 sterling silver pieces. If your favourite Caja piece is looking a bit dull after some general wear and tear, we can professionally repolish and bring make that beautiful shine.

If in doubt always feel free to send us an email so we can advise you on how to care and maintain your Caja jewellery -
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