Behind the Scenes: La Mer



Let us take you behind the scenes for our latest collection, La Mer.

Discover the ideas and inspiration for the concept, the attention to detail that goes into the production process as a designer, and the moments caught behind the camera for our beachside campaign photo shoot.

A whole lot of thought, creativity and love went into this collection. I hope you enjoy learning about the story of La Mer.

Love Zoë x
Founder & Designer


The Inspiration

I’ve always had such a strong connection to the sea. Growing up in Cornwall England, I spent most of my childhood at the beach. Swimming or surfing, I was always in and around the water. Some of my fondest memories are exploring old coves and caves, climbing over seaweed and rocks searching for mermaids or pirate treasure. Often this was in the middle of winter, wearing welly boots and rain coats and getting slowly drenched by the typical English drizzle. Little clouds of seafoam would whirl around your head in the wind, the air thick with salt from the spray of the crashing waves. The sea is known to be a calming and healing place for people, cleansing their mind, body and soul - they call it salt water therapy for a reason. There's just something about her energy and the way she makes you feel so alive and in the moment. Replenished.

The Process

Every design begins from a rough pencil and paper sketch to initiate the idea. I then create numerous prototypes with scrap silver in my workshop which are then sent and developed closely with our amazing team of artisan jewellers in Bali. Together we create samples that are refined, refined, and then refined again. A lot of designs and samples don’t make the cut into production, but the ones that do have been so lovingly and carefully thought over. I’ve spent many hours analysing and obsessing over tiny pieces of metal to ensure each design is exactly how I imagined it. It’s safe to say being a creative perfectionist comes in handy with the technical side of designing jewellery.

The Campaign

It was a late sunny afternoon when we walked down the steps to Shelly Bay, our seaside location for shooting La Mer. Our creative talent behind the lens Steph Bubble had no less than seven cameras with her, one of which was a vintage Super8 to film a short video and another being an old school thrifted point and shoot from the 90’s. I am in complete awe of the magic Steph creates on film. There is something so special about the rawness, the uniqueness of each individual frame that brings so much beauty to life in one single moment. Steph went above and beyond to understand my vision and together with our beautiful muse Louise we bought La Mer to life.



La Mer Campaign Photo Shoot Team

Photographer: Steph Bubble
Model: Louise Yates
Photography Assistant: Jana Petermann
Hair: Yvana Sanders
Creative Director: Zoë Davies

Cornwall,  England shot on Film

Karl Mackie
My darling Mummy x

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