At Caja we are passionate about creating ethical high quality jewellery, for you to take with you on your journey for many years to come. Everything we own has a story, and the story behind our jewellery starts with a conscious path to tread lightly on our planet whilst looking after the people within.

Our Production Process

Our production is based out of beautiful Bali, the magical island that inspired our founder to learn the art of silversmithing and start a jewellery label. Our incredible artisan jewellers have had their skills and talents passed down to them through the generations. It is our focus to keep the art of craft alive, and we will always choose handmade over mass produced. Our production team work in a safe and supported environment, are paid a fair wage and receive time off and holidays.

Our Materials

Caja only uses metals and gemstones that have been responsibly and ethically sourced.

All of our gemstones and shells are 100% natural, meaning they are undyed, organic and completely unique.

Our Packaging

We are doing our best to reduce our use of plastic and single use items as much as possible. All of our orders are shipped in recyclable boxes and plant based compostable mailer bags.

Slow Fashion Movement

At Caja we are passionate about educating our customers on the benefits of choosing quality over quantity. Fast fashion items are designed to be replaced quickly. Mass produced at very low prices and often in poor working conditions, these items are only worn a handful of times before ending up in landfill. By purchasing ethical high quality items that are made to last, you are being mindful of our beloved planet Earth. Slow fashion wins the race.

"I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. I feel it is essential within my role as a New Zealand jewellery designer to promote conscious consumerism. Fashion isn't just about looking good, it's about the story behind it to the footprint it leaves behind. Anything and everything is far more beautiful when sourced with our planet in mind and made with love."

Zoë Davies

Founder | Designer | Jeweller


Wanaka photoshoot model walking through a field