Ethically handcrafted jewellery inspired by the world and everything in between.

Forever inspired by the world and its wonders, designer and jeweller Zoë creates unique one of a kind treasures that embody ethnic soul and wanderlust. These jewels are made to be heirlooms, to make the wearer feel beautiful and evoke a sense of unknown adventure.


“Caja sprang from my young 20 year old self when I was torn between studying at University or an exotic surf trip to Bali. It wasn’t a hard decision! The small magical island and its perfect waves captured my heart, but it was the little silversmithing hub of Ubud where my passion for jewellery really came to life.”


All creations are handcrafted with love leaving them beautiful in a raw organic style. This means that each and every piece is completely one of a kind. We believe that minor imperfections add character and personality to your authentic treasure.

Caja is committed to creating ethical jewellery whilst being conscious of its path. All our metals and stones are sourced from certified ethical mines. Please see our Ethics page to learn more about our materials and sustainability.

With love,